Wanna Be Bellied

If I could keep clothes on Jesse Grace, it would be a miracle. Since the summer of 2010, she will look at us and say, “I wanna be bellied.” At first she would hold those little arms up to you for you to remove her shirt and pants.

Once she learned how to undress herself, keeping clothes on that kid… impossible!

The day after her biopsy surgery, Jesse looked at me and said, “I just want to be bellied.” At the time she was naked except for a diaper, ng tube, chest tube, catheter, pulse ox monitor, and 10 sterie strips on her abdomen. I knew what she meant… she wanted to be free of all it. She just wanted to be herself again.

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My husband and I feel that Jesse having cancer has happened for a strange reason. With the help of our fabulous friends, we have decided to help in the fight against childhood cancer. My dream is that no child will ever face cancer. ( I also hope that what research learns about for fighting child cancers can be used to fight adult cancers.)

Our first event in helping with this fight is for St Baldrick’s. St Baldricks’s has given Jesse’s oncology doctor research money. And the more raised in a doctor’s community, the more research money he/she will receive. No worries though… what these doctors learn through research here will be shared with all the other oncology doctors in their network.

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