June 13, 2015

Since returning from Seattle, Jesse started chemo last week. We also put her back on gabapentin to help with the pain.

During this week, her pain has dramatically decreased. In fact her leg isn’t hurting, and her back has dropped to a pain level between 1 and 2. On Thursday, I took her to her school picnic.

On Thursday, we were supposed to hear from Seattle. But as expected I have not been contacted with any information. And our doctor has not mentioned that he heard anything. Yes I could have bugged him, but the two days we were at clinic this week seemed very busy, and I figured he’d give us news if he had any.

Friday, Jesse received blood and platelets. I am hoping by Monday to have her off the fentynol patch so she can swim if she’d like.

Thank you Mt Pleasant Baptist Church for your kindness. Thank you Mrs. Byrd and Crookston family for the goodies. The girls have enjoyed them. Also thank you Happy Soul Project for the cape (and whomever had it sent to Jesse) along with the headband.

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One comment on “June 13, 2015
  1. suzanne says:

    So glad to hear Jesse’s pain has lessened. Hope she can enjoy the pool soon as well. Getting in the water makes anybody feel better, at least it does me!

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