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July 9 – 13 and Passing

July 9, 2015 Jesse and I arrived in Richmond at 8:45am. The flight was luckily uneventful. She spent the day cuddling with her dad. And she kept saying she was so happy to be home. July 10, 2015 In the

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July 8, 2015

At 8 am PDT, Jesse and I headed for the hospital. Her labs were drawn, and we started our waiting for the results. The results are not good. Her bilirubin total has jumped to 6.9. To put it bluntly, her

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July 5 – 7, 2015

July 5, 2015 Jesse’s chemo completed at 3:30 pm. She still had 4 hours of hydration to help her body get rid of the excess chemo. Plus we needed her creatinine to come down. If it was .7, this might

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July 4 & 5, 2015

July 4, 2015 I woke at 7 am to get ready for Jesse inpatient admission for cyclophospormide (cytoxan) and fludarabine. At 8 am, the nurse called to say they were ready. I finished cleaning up our room, dressed Jesse, gathered

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Day 56 at St Jude

Last night Jesse and I returned to St Jude at 11:15pm for her blood draw as part of the protocol. Jesse was so excited to have the gentleman with all the bracelets as her nurse. She has been slightly bipolar

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Update for April 2013

I haven’t posted in awhile because well nothing has been really going on. Jesse has been going to school, and not wanting to go. My husband has gone back to doing landscaping on the side. Christine, Jesse’s sister, had her

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We don’t come back until July!

Today we found out the results of Jesse’s scans…. and since there is no change, we don’t go back until July. 6 whole months… And when she does go for scans next time, it will only be a CT Scan.

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Two Days of Tests Done…

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 Jesse and I made the approximately 50 mile one way drive to CHKD in the rain. It’s been raining here for 4 days now… I would say that I am going to need an ark, but

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2 Years Ago

Wow… it’s amazing to think that 2 years ago today Mike and I did one of the hardest things ever. One that created the image of a 2 year old girl screaming for me as they took her through the

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Scan Time Again

Last week the phone calls started to remind me of Jesse’s visit to CHKD for her 3 month tumor scans. The first one came on Thursday from sedation. They asked questions about Jesse’s health and treated me like we’ve never

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